Our philosophy

  • I believe that as an early childhood educator I am responsible for providing infants, toddlers and young children with positive learning experiences. I strive to model respect, patient, and care for children and adults I come in contact with. I encourage Children to be motivated to learn when they have opportunities to make choices in an environment that is enriching and stimulating.

  • I provide enriching activities so that children are supported as they learn about their strengths and work on their weaknesses. As a facilitator, I support children as they embark on a journey to make discoveries about themselves and learn to recognize and name their feelings.As a teacher, I seek to form close relationship with each child under my care, and their families.

  • I will strive to provide a safe comfortable ,stimulating fun and educational environment with structural day plan.Through a mixture of guided and  undirected creative play children in my program will have opportunity to learn about colors,shapes,textures,numbers,letters,animals,seasons,nutrition,personal hygiene,feelings,senses,nutrition,manners,basic concepts and math concepts,and creative concepts  such “pretended play ,art ,music,and dance .these are things most preschoolers are about learn through creative and educational play.

  • Little ducklings family child care  providing children with an educational program that supports both group and individual needs, as experience has shown that children learn and develop best when exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play.

  • I work with families to support them in their parenting role and share information with them that is of benefit to their child’s development and well being.