Meet Niharika Velagala

First most happy part I want to introduce myself I am happy mom of  our little baby girl Naina my incredible joy of being a mom & funny memories that will be treasured for years this means  you're leaving your child with someone who is comfortable caring for babies and children and who probably has a strong mothering instinct.

My hubby who works in IT field as programmer he truly motivates & encourages my every passion & desires.Working with children is my passion . I love & enjoy being child care provider.I have come to understand that children come into the world with a blank slate. The experiences, environment, adults, as well as surroundings are what shape them into who they become. I believe that children should be given the ability to become independent individuals by setting limits with positive  discipline, praise, and encouragement. I enjoy being surrounded by children because of their imagination, innocence, and creativity.

My education & trainings:

I graduated in year 2010 holding my bachelors of science degree major in Biotechnology & minors in Microbiology & Biochemistry from Andhra university (India).

I obtained Certificate of Registration from State of Maryland - Department of Education Office of Child Care. My registration number is 252547. I am working towards National  CDA (Child care developmental associate) & earned 145 hrs training education hrs in early childhood education & will continue my training hrs every year.

I am member of Howard county family child care association & Maryland family child care association. 

I am committed to  continue my professional development and being actively involved in the quality improvement process by working with Maryland EXCELS.

My Certifications:
  • Child Care Administration​ (45 hours)
  • Preschool Curriculum and Activities (45 hours)
  • Child Growth and Development (45 hours)
  • Including All Children and the ADA
  • On Track: All Aboard for Development Progress
  • Emergency Preparedness Training for Child Care Providers
  • Medical Administration
  • CPA and First Aid​
  • SIDS
My hobbies & interests :​

I am a creative person ,I developed plenty of hobbies at my free time I enjoy making desserts,baking,& Interior designing is my passion , I am regular jogger & active  participant in marathons,we do lots of family travel,outdoor exploration etc.