Why Little duckings

“Family day care is not baby sitting it's  not comparable to any child care center its families with  professional care provider in an environment that becomes by design a second home to children in care”.

  • Little ducklings Family Day Care is quality child care and affordable  education for children, provided in the homes of registered Family Day Care Educators.Our Family Day Care service  is state licensed program for children from 4 months  of age, through 5 years.
  • We will be responsible for no more than 8 children in total, of which only six of these children can be under school age & 2 infants including my own child in care. This means the we can give each child the  personal care and attention that's which is vital to help young children develop new skills and  interests something most centers can't guarantee.
  • The opportunity to play with and learn from other children is something both home daycares and centers offer that nanny care can't. But unlike centers, which tend to group kids by age, family daycares usually have mixed-age groups, which more closely mirror may help your child feel comfortable around older kids.
  • Family Day Care Educators are able to set their own rates and usually charge a set hourly rate per child in care.
  • Fewer cases of illnesses since the child is exposed to fewer children.
  • Mixed age groups allowing for more sibling interaction.